Wednesday, September 20 2017


Teeny BEAT with Ms. Julee
Age: 4 - 6
When: Sat, Sept 30-Oct 21
Time: 1:15-2pm
Cost: $90.00
Where: BEAT Studio
Do you have a young one at home who just can't wait to get on stage? The benefits of participating in theatre can be felt in children of all can their inspiration and their passion. BEAT is SO VERY excited to introduce our first program just for students ages 4-6, providing fun and lively learning for your budding performer! Our workshop specializes in teaching self-confidence through a variety of drama games and exercises that will stimulate imagination and creativity as well as develop concentration and introduce the basics of storytelling, role-playing, self-expression, and theatrical skills.

Meet Ms. Julee! - Julee has specialized in children’s performance for 15 years. She was a performer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Is a clown college graduate under the sudo name of Sparkles Sassypants and owner and operator of Whimsy Entertainment for 11 years. She is also the Preschool Director of Oregon Olympic Athletics and administrator at Cascades Theatrical Company. With a degree in dramatic arts from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles, her face may also be recognizable from several local productions. Julee has been teaching BEAT the Heat classes for two years with us...most recently putting on a production of Pint Sized Pirates with our "Is Acting For You?" class.

HOMESCHOOL CLASS: Meet the Bard through Midsummer
Age: 13 - 17
When: Mon, Oct 16-Dec 11
Time: 1 - 3pm
Cost: $115.00
Where: BEAT Studio
We will take the well-known characters of Puck, Oberon, Titania, and their band of fairy mischief makers, as well as the famous potion-crossed lovers, and we will set them at an 80’s prom, on the mountains of Mars, or on a sunset beach. Together the students will decide on the concept and meet the Bard in their new scene. Through paraphrasing and moving to the iambic beats, we will connect with Shakespeare’s language in a fun and interactive way! (NO CLASS NOV 20)

HOMESCHOOL CLASS: Improvise & Devise!
Age: 7 - 12
When: Wed, Oct 18-Dec 13
Time: 11am - 1pm
Cost: $115.00
Where: BEAT Studio
Through improvisation students will explore all the tools of the actor’s toolbox: voice, body, and imagination. Students will learn to utilize their full creativity and direct their attention to the present moment in a collaborative and supportive environment. Using improv play as the vehicle, students will then create their own characters and stories, as they work together to devise a mini-play. (NO CLASS NOV 22)

Shakespeare's "Macbeth" Workshop & Show
Age: 10+
When: Fri, Oct 20 & 27
Time: see detail
Cost: $15.00
Where: BEAT Studio & Summit HS
BEAT Children's Theatre is SO excited to announce an opportunity to go see Summit High School's Fall production of Shakespeare's Macbeth on Friday, October 27th at 7pm. A private question-and-answer will take place after the show for our BEAT group!

Please join us for a fun pre-show workshop on Friday, October 20th from 6-7:30pm where Bree Beal (BEAT Executive Director) will take you through a preview of the story and characters in anticipation of seeing this wonderful production at Summit High School. We will learn a bit about the language of Shakespeare (iambic pentameter anyone? “Scansion” anyone?) and do some dramatic readings from scenes in the play. We will also learn about the CURSE surrounding the show, and most to avoid it ( NOT say the name of the play unless you want to do lots of running...).

***Fair warning...Bree has been studying Shakespeare since she first learned to read, and once played a Witch in she's a LITTLE excited about this.***

Space at the workshop is at the show is not. Please email Bree Beal if you would like to join us for one or both –

Recommended Ages: 10+ (no inappropriate material...but the story can be a little scary)
Tuition: $15 (includes ticket to the show)
? Workshop is at BEAT Studio
? Macbeth performance is at the Theatre at Summit High School (transportation is not provided by BEAT)

***Stay tuned for announcements about our monthly Shakespeare movie event co-sponsored by Summit High School's Theatre Club & BEAT Children's Theatre!