And a Child Shall Lead
BEAT presents the powerful, heartrending and yet, heartwarming full length play entitled: And a Child Shall Lead, written by Michael Slade.
The play is based on true events and is the story of the brave children (ages 7-17) held in the Terezin, Czechoslovakian ghetto by the Nazis during World War II. These children defied their captors by secretly conducting a school where they created art, music, and poetry, and wrote an underground newspaper that documented life in the ghetto. The actors will lead the audience through their captivity by sharing the deep relationships, life-threatening challenges, and simple joys experienced by the inspirational children of Terezin.

"What a gift to the community and to the children, in the beautiful play, "A Child Shall Lead." My husband and I attended the play last night and were amazed at the depth of the performance the children and young adults gave. You must be so proud of them! Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. It touches and will continue to inspire many." Gratefully, Ellen & Chris Atkin

"I am back home after attending this morning's BEAT production of, And a Child Shall Lead. It is powerful and moving. It's not "kid's theater". It's theater." Nancy Scher

"I finally made myself take a breath and watched And A Child Shall Lead at 2nd Street Theater. Wow, just wow. Every aspiring actor, every kid who thinks their life is shit, every person who thinks their shit don't stink would be humbled by this experience. Plus these kids rocked! Cricket Daniel, your daughter was amazing, Leila Smith-Daines, kudos to you for your fantastic direction." Sandy Klein

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