Oklahoma Cast
Photography by Bree Beal

Cultural Student Performances

BEAT Children's Theatre offers Cultural Student Performances to enrich the lives of students in Central Oregon!

BEAT is pleased to offer Cultural Student Performances (CSP) at each of the 3 to 4 productions our actors do each school year. These performances occur in the mornings during school days and tickets are offered at a reduced rate of $5/person. If you are a school administrator, teacher, program director, etc., please read the information below for how to include your group on our CSP list for the 2018-2019 academic year. The upcoming season's productions will be listed on our website, though due to licensing requirements we may not be able to list the entire season at this time

Due to the increasing demand of our Cultural Student Performances (CSPs), we have set up our program as follows:

  • Groups interested in attending one of the CSPs during 2018-2019 must submit a request by September 30th by emailing angie.neumaier@beatonline.org (please include the group leader/teacher's name, name of group, and estimated number of chaperones & students).
  • Groups will be selected to attend the CSPs by lottery and based on the seating configuration in a particular theater. Group leaders will be notified by email if they are selected to attend a CSP. If a group chooses not to attend a particular production, they can be placed on the waitlist for another production. So that BEAT can reach as many students as possible in the community, groups will only be permitted to attend one CSP/year, unless space allows.

Group Requirements:

-- Groups may contain no more than 2 adults per 10 children (this is done so that more seats can be given to students)

-- Minimum group size is 10.

-- Groups must be composed of a school/class body, student organization, homeschool co-op or student community group. Families wishing to attend together do not constitute a group.

-- Group leaders/teachers must confirm by email the number of seats they need four weeks prior to the performance or the seats will be released to another group on the waitlist. Increases to seat requests above your original reservation request is not guaranteed.

-- Groups will be invoiced in the weeks leading up to the performance date and payment must be made by the date of the performance.

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