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Main Stage

The Main Stage program is a 6-8 week workshop that ends with performances in various theaters in Bend.

Stefanie Hero

Director: Bree Beal
Performances: Aug 5-14
Rehearsals: June 27- Aug 14, 2022
Cascades Theatrical Company

Registration Closed

BEAT Children's Theatre is very excited to announce it's Summer 2022 play.... (drum roll)... Stefanie Hero, by Mark Medoff!! Those who have known BEAT since the early days will recognize this hysterical play from our 2011 season. For all our current actors, however, this will be a new adventure! Registration, audition and rehearsal/performance schedule are below. Let's make some crazy laughter this summer!

Imagine: You are a princess. Your father has left the kingdom to go off and be a hero. Your mother is more concerned with getting her nails done than running the kingdom, or the family. You have THREE annoying younger siblings who are always causing trouble... and YOU find yourself in charge of everything. This is the plight of Stefanie. On top of it all, she is being pursued by the most obnoxious evil sorcerer who has put spells on all the remaining members of the family, and now she must go face a giant dragon in order to set things right. A story that bring the adventure of “The Princess Bride” together with goofy characters reminiscent of “Shrek” and the saucy humor of “Monty Python”... this laugh-out-loud play reminds us that even in the craziest world we can still be our own hero.
Open to actors ages 9-19
Tuition - $345 per student
Director – Bree Beal

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Get to Know Stefanie Hero Night! - Tuesday, April 26th – 5-7pm (possible 2nd night on Wed the 27th if needed)

Registration – Monday, May 9th at 9am – Thursday, May 13th at 8pm

Lottery(if necessary) – Thurs, May 19th

Audition Workshop – Sunday, May 29th, 11am-1pm

Auditions – Sunday, June 5th, 11am-2pm

Read Thru – Sat, June 11th, 11am-1pm

Music Rehearsal – Sun, June 12th, 1pm-3pm

No Rehearsal last week of school, or first week of break

Rehearsals – (not all actors will be required for all rehearsals, but please be prepared to attend all dates listed)
June 27 – 5-7pm
June 28 - 5-7pm
June 30 – 5-7:30pm
July 6 – 5-7pm
July 7 – 5-7pm
July 11 – 5-7:30pm
July 12 – 5-7pm
July 13 – 5-7pm
July 14 – 5-7pm
July 19 – 5-7:30pm
July 20 – 5-7:30pm
July 21 – 5-7:30pm
July 25 – 5-8pm – Full Run
July 26 – 5-8pm – Full Run
July 28 – 5-8pm – Full Run

Tech Week -
August Mon-Wed, 1-3 – 4-9pm

Performances -
Fri, Aug 5 – 7-9pm
Sat, Aug 6 – 2-4pm & 7-9pm
Sun, Aug 7 – 2-4pm

Fri, Aug 12 – 7-9pm
Sat, Aug 13 – 2-4pm & 7-9pm
Sun, Aug 14 - 2-4pm

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