View Star Wars Shakespeare: Twelfth Night

Thank you for joining us in this galaxy far, far away!  We at BEAT Children's Theatre are proud to present our production of Star Wars Shakespeare - Twelfth Night! 

This script was adapted by our director, Michaela Conley, and performed with a most amazing amount of talent and humor by our exceptional cast.  As we neared our performance dates, the Dark Side (COVID) struck again and forced us to adjust our presentation to a virtual one... but our cast and crew prevailed and the video presentation is now ready for you to enjoy. 

In the hope that it will allow more families to enjoy our play, we offer this to you for FREE!  If you would like to support this and future BEAT opportunities, we include a link below where you can make a donation.  Thank you, as always, for being part of our BEAT audience - we could not do what we do without you!


If you choose to make a donation click on the Donate button.

If not you can click on the Continue button to view the production.

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