This summer, travel with us to a galaxy far, far away, to a planet where practical jokes and hilarious cases of mistaken identity abound! Jedi Master Orsino is in love with the fair Olivia of Oderon. But Olivia is in love with Orsino’s young padawan, Cesario, who is really Viola (the victim of a spaceship crash) in disguise. And Viola is in love with Jedi Master Orsino! And what about Viola’s twin brother Sebastian Will he be able to save his friend Antonio from the Mandalorian bounty hunters

"Twelfth Night: A Star Wars Reimagining" celebrates Shakespeare’s complicated comedy with a Star Wars twist. All the galaxy’s a stage, with this not-so-traditional tale of lightsaber duels, droid shenanigans, lovesick Jedi, and maybe even a wookie or two!

Location - Cascades Academy
Tickets - $15 Adults & $10 Students/Children
Purchase tickets at the door.
Performances - Friday August 13th @ 7pm- call time 5:30pm
Saturday August 14th @ 2pm- call time 12:30pm
Saturday August 14th @ 7pm- call time 5:30pm
Sunday August 15th @ 2 pm- call time 12:30pm

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